Specialty Partners

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BridgelineTEK is a consulting firm tasked with finding opportunities for thriving businesses to apply talented people and innovative technologies. The company was founded on a platform of integrity, creativity, and personal attention. The strength of our business is built upon extensive experience and strong professional relationships across multiple industries. Our mission is to introduce companies whose unique products and related services best solve your problems. Our focus is to help you find not only the best people for a job, but also the right people for your specific needs.

  • Consulting

  • Business Development

  • Product Representation

  • Capture Management

  • Subject Matter Expertise (SME)

  • Preliminary Design Review (PDR) Support

  • Critical Design Review (CDR) Support

  • Prototype Support

  • Product Design Support

  • Product Development Support

  • Technical Support


VKS is a powerful Electronic Work Instruction solution developed to help manufacturers improve profitability through improvements in quality, productivity and efficiency. VKS makes the creation, deployment and management of work instructions simple and efficient while providing an integrated platform for data collection and live productivity monitoring.

At VKS our vision is to provide an accessible solution for small to large companies to achieve success. We know first hand how tough manufacturing can be. Solutions need to be easy to use and flexible to support the diverse environments manufacturers are faced with.

How can VKS help you?

In today's world, manufacturing can be a tough beast to conquer. Diverse customers, complex products, and an ever-changing workforce can lead to many operational issues. That’s why it's important that companies are able to effectively capture and share best practices through visual work instructions. By documenting the best way to do each job, companies can guarantee that their workforce will always achieve their objectives through easy to use, visual information.

Smart manufacturing solutions are now providing companies with opportunities that were simply not there before. Managers need live, up to date information to make good decisions. With real-time information companies can ensure to address problems before they happen and zero in on problematic areas to initiate continuous improvement projects. With live progress tracking and instant alerts, VKS keeps its user informed at all times.

Traceability is a key component to any company's operations. VKS provides easy to use tools to capture quality data that are as flexible or as strict as your company needs to be. Whether your company needs 100% traceability on your operations for a full historical record of your products, or is simply looking to go paperless with quality checklists, we’ve got features built in to save time and reduce paperwork!

With the fourth industrial revolution upon us, connectivity has never been easier. With elaborate APIs and a world full of information, integrated solutions have now become a major asset within the manufacturing world. VKS takes advantage of these latest trends and provides a smart manufacturing platform that thrives on the connected world. Integrate with your ERP. Connect with machines and tools. Build custom reports and dashboards. VKS helps you easily create the solution you need!

Project Remedies is a 29 year old solution provider, offering end-to-end services along with our Critical Technology Risk and Compliance System, ActionProgram Manager Plus, a lower-cost approach.

We are focused on helping our clients:

Achieve Improved Compliance and Auditability Outcomes

As a Critical Technology Risk and Compliance System, ActionProgram Manager Plus adds Project Management functionality to GRC functionality. It is a comprehensive, structured approach to managing work.

Implement Accountability and Discipline

Designed for organizations with lots of projects and lots of people, often in multiple locations, ActionProgram Manager Plus uniquely integrates process management, project management, resource and workforce management, governance and cost management functionality.

Advance Your Company’s Cybersecurity Capabilities.

The better prepared you are, the easier to recover. Our team includes very senior cybersecurity leaders who have hands-on experience dealing with the most sophisticated state-sponsored attacks. You will want them available and in the office within an hour if your company is attacked.


Is a preeminent management consulting firm supporting primarily entrepreneurial and middle-market companies, as well as their management, capital providers, intermediaries, and other professionals. We are committed to providing the highest quality strategic, operational, and financial advisory solutions to leverage the utmost trust of our clients.